Celsius Solid Roofs are supplied in purpose-made kits for speed and convenience of installation. Celsius roof framework including the window walling eaves beam is constructed from timber, specially engineered to receive the interlocking SIPs panels.

Breather membrane then covers the SIPs panels before the starter soaker and flashing is fitted into place. Interlocking Envirotiles are then quickly fitted into position with a mechanical fixing at each tile head for added security. Envirotiles can also be conveniently mitre cut on site, before covers are fixed.

Built to Last

Synseal’s Celsius Solid Roof system is comprised of 9 standard timber sections
Sections are machined from C24 construction grade structural timber (German white wood)
Standard timber sections are used to form both ridge and hip components
These are bonded with timber adhesive and mechanically fixed in the factory, then cut to length to suit each individual project

The mechanical fixings at the heart of Celsius sold roof’s timber construction are Rapierstar low torque universal woodscrews which are specially engineered to reduce wood splitting.

These high-quality components feature a unique StarformTM thread for quicker screw penetration with no drilling of pilot holes required.

Urban living


The addition of a lean-to extension measuring 5m x 3m to this terraced townhouse is the perfect solution for urban living.

With a choice of full height window frames to ensure the homeowner fully benefits from external light, this installation offers many of the benefits of a conservatory (light weight, fast installation) whilst avoiding some of the inconveniences of a full extension project (higher cost, lengthy building work disruptions).

Used as a kitchen, this room has become the hub of the home, an ideal place to bring the family together as the sun starts to set in the early evening. The use of large double doors / bi-folds will transform the room on those days where – weather allowing – they can be fully opened, blending the outside and inside into one beautiful entertainment area.

Victorian conservatories, typically featuring three or five shaped facets to front of the roof and able to span up to 6.1 metres in width, present an appealing design that for many of us is the quintessential English-style conservatory. Although the Victorian shape adds complexity, this design can be easily upgraded with a Celsius Solid Roof.

Contemporary and airy


With its Black tiled roof, this 4m x 5m gabled style extension is both airy and cosy. The high ceiling, glazing right to the ridge on the front face coupled with the dwarf wall, help to maximise the use of space within the extension.

This modern open living space is welcoming to guests and ensures a grand setting for dining, while still being an integral part of the house. The convenient adjacent kitchen area ensures that the hosts can carry on entertaining their guests, even when not seated at the dinner table. Two VELUX roof windows, situated either side of the ridge, are both an attractive feature and a practical design addition, providing some flexible ventilation during warm summer months.

Feature lighting has been suspended from the ridge apex - an optional design feature available with Celsius Solid Roof, and provides a focal point to this grand living space.

Restoring Victorian splendour


This 4m x 3.5m Victorian style conservatory might have been a useful addition to the home some years ago, but the passing of time has made it tired. The homeowners found themselves using the room less and less, and generally only when the weather was ‘just about right’, which can prove seldom or not at all, depending on the season. However with the addition of a retro-fit Celsius Solid Roof this installation has now created the perfect living room extension, where adults and children alike can come and relax in total comfort, providing the homeowners with the true ‘year-round’ extra room that they dreamt of.

This installation uses Black tiles to match the property’s original tiled roof, ensuring it blends in perfectly from the outside, and a VELUX roof vent has been added to provide added natural light as well as ventillation during the summer months.

A Georgian or Edwardian conservatory offers plenty of living space with its practical square or rectangular footprint, which explains why it remains the most popular conservatory style.
Old Georgian conservatories are ideal for upgrading with a stylish Celsius Solid Roof, giving a much-loved yet tired part of the home a new lease of life.

Clean lines


Some impressive homes feature sizeable conservatories that don’t quite make the grade. However practical, these extensions are now let down by their age and generally downgrade the overall look and value of the property.

This finished conversion of an ageing 5m x 5m Georgian-style conservatory shows what can be achieved with Celsius Solid Roof, without having to start the building from scratch.

Gone is the tired and noisy polycarbonate roof, replaced with attractive tiles that give the impression that this room was part of the house all along. A plastered soffit running around the perimeter of the room allows for mood lighting and enhances the pleasing size and shape of the installation.

Manufacturing & Technical

The Celsius Solid Roof is constructed using Kingspan TEK Building System SIPS panels. This proven method of warm roof construction eliminates many of the issues that face aluminium skeleton based solutions, as cold bridging has been designed out from inception. Utilising Synseal’s installation experience, Celsius Solid Roof has been designed to go together easily on-site and help installers
deliver a first class, thermally efficient roof in the minimum of time.

Unlike rival systems which employ aluminium rafters, aluminium ridge beams, aluminium eaves ring beams, aluminium valleys and aluminium box gutters similar in design to glazed conservatory roofs, Celsius Solid Roof is a truly warm roof, featuring all timber construction without any metallic ‘cold spots’.

Synseal Celsius Solid Roof

  • All timber construction
  • No aluminium
  • No chance of condensation build-up
  • Proven technology
  • Quick & easy to install
  • High quality materials guaranteed
  • Aluminium skeleton
  • Risk of cold bridging
  • Risk of condensation build-up
  • Performance reliant on skill of installer and the quality of materials used

Note: Timber conductivity = 0.16W/mK
Note: Aluminium conductivity = 160W/mK

Analysis of Celsius solid roof versus a generic timber roof and two leading solid roof competitive offerings shows that Celsius performs well in terms of material cost, installed aesthetic appeal, speed of installation, reduced complexity of fitting and whole roof thermal insulation with all-timber construction.

* Lead time rating is based on logistics during the initial launch phase of Celsius solid roof. It is anticipated that during the secondary launch phase, full-scale Synseal solid roof production volumes will reduce supply partner component lead times and yield an improved rating.