A Revolution in Windows & Doors

The Synergy Enviro Platinum range is a new eco titanium window system that is more than twice as efficient as standard modern double glazing. In comparison to standard double glazing it reduces the amount of heat energy lost through your windows by as much a 93%!

The Synergy Enviro Platinum range comprises of pure Argon Gas between the two panes of glass, and effectively sealed with advanced manufacturing methods to prevent any leakage and ensuring that the effectiveness is second to none in preventing the movement of both heat and cold through the glass.

What is the science behind the ultra efficient glazed unit?

The Synergy Enviro Platinum range diminishes the amount of heat lost through your windows and allows extra heat energy from the sunlight in through the special glass units. This new scientific technology is known as “Solar Gain” and as it continually comes from the sun it’s free and you’ll feel the effects all year round.

What is Argon gas?

Argon is naturally present in the air we breathe (0.9%) and is safe, odourless, completely inert and non-toxic. It acts like an invisible insulation barrier to prevent the movement of heat and cold in the glass unit.

✓ Inner Pane: Planibel A Low Emissivity Glass
✓ Outer Pane: Pilkington Optiwhite*
✓ Argon Gas Filled
✓ Warm Edge Spacer*
✓ Advanced Seals and Gaskets

*Optional extra, upgrade to St. Gobain Planitherm

Before and After: Heat Loss

Before: Thermal imaging camera capturing the red areas which clearly shows the excessive heat lost through old inefficient double glazing.

After: Heat loss greatly reduced and improved – no red areas indicating no loss of heat.

Energy Ratings Chart

The Energy Rating Window chart, a ratings label which can be used to make more informed choices about the energy efficiency of the windows you are looking to purchase.

U Value: Whole Window 1.5

U Value: Centre Pane 1.3

One of a number of national schemes used for rating the energy efficiency of windows, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) states that by installing energy efficient windows you can save and reduce your household energy bills by up to £461 per year.