Aluminium Conservatory

Modern aluminium conservatories are often favoured by architects and homeowners who are drawn to the appeal of their minimalist design features. Contemporary and capable of making a bold statement, their aluminium framework is full of character and can complement the style of any home and its garden.

Aluminium conservatory exterior

Because aluminium can be bent and formed into many different shapes or sizes, an aluminium conservatory will provide you with many more design options than a wooden or UPVC conservatory.

Although aluminium is a lightweight metal, it is also extremely strong and can resist even the harshest of conditions. This is one of the main reasons why aluminium conservatories are perfectly suited to coastal homes or isolated properties that are likely to endure extreme weather.

A modern aluminium conservatory will not just provide extra living, dining or play space for your family – it will also flood your home with natural light and make you feel more energised.