Double Glazing York

Double Glazing York – What Is It?

Double glazing York based services are very popular, and recommended by most window companies in York. You may have been told by friends and family members that you should upgrade to double glazed windows, but you may be unsure about what these windows are and what makes them so special. Double glazed windows feature two glass panes which are separated by a layer of air. This is in contrast to a standard single glazed window, where there is only one pane of glass and therefore no layer of air. Below, we will discuss why this type of window is beneficial around the home, not least in conservatories.

What Are The Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows North Yorkshire?

Double glazed windows York wide have a number of advantages over single glazed units. Firstly, they ensure that your property is better insulated, as they keep the warm air in. This results in fewer draughts, and consequently cheaper heating bills. These windows don’t only provide insulation in terms of temperature, but noise pollution too. If you live near a busy main road, you will notice a huge difference once you have your new windows installed, as you will hear far less noise from outside. This means you can make more noise too! Double glazing York services also heighten security, giving you peace of mind in your home. This is because they are much more difficult to break than single glazed windows. You will also notice less condensation on the inside of your windows, reducing mould and protecting the longevity and aesthetics of the fabric of your home.

Lower Your Energy Bills By Hiring Double Glazing Installers York

One of the main reasons why people make the switch to double glazing is because they will lower their heating bills by a considerable degree. With energy prices rising all of the time, York double glazing companies are able to save their customers a considerable amount of money. In a home that is not energy efficient, between 18 and 25 per cent of heat is lost through the windows. This is something that can be addressed with double glazing. So while you will spend money on using the services of double glazing installers York way to begin with, you will quickly make this money back and actually save more over the lifetime of the windows. According to the UK government, by installing A rated double glazing in a detached home, you can save up to £155 per year. They also state that you will save up to £110 per annum in a semi-detached property; between £65 and £85 in a mid-terrace; up to £75 in a bungalow; and between £40 and £55 yearly in a mid-floor flat.

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