Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

Snow covered conservatory in winter

So you’ve finally decided to make the smart move of building a conservatory into your home but winter is here and you might be thinking it may be too cold to spend time in your new conservatory. Fortunately that doesn’t need to be the case as there are plenty of ways you can keep your conservatory warm over winter. Here are some ideas and tips on how to keep your conservatory warm and cosy this winter.

Insulate effectively

Insulation is key to keeping any room warm but a room that is made predominantly of glass is even more important to get right. Our conservatories are installed with either double glazed or triple glazed windows as well as insulation to the floors and walls making a huge difference to conservatories energy efficiency. Your conservatory is a wonderful part of your home and it should not be neglected through the winter months.

Warm up the floor

The floor can make a huge difference to the overall temperature of the room and in a space like the conservatory the floor can get cold so you should consider the option of adding a carpet to this room or even just a rug which will help in the process of warming the place up.

Energy efficient windows

In the summer it is better to have the blinds open to let any light in to heat the room but on those dark winter nights, closed blinds can go a long way to keeping the heat in and cancelling out any draughts you may have.

Heat wisely

One thing that is going to be necessary when trying to heat your conservatory is a source of heat. It is advisable that you have a radiator and a separate form of heat for the cold winter nights. There are many pleasant fire place options that you can add to your conservatory that look brilliant, warm the room up quickly, and give your conservatory a more welcoming feel.